Niklas Jodoin

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Name: Niklas O. Jodoin
Date of Birth: 06.04.1999
Place of Birth: Schwabach, Germany

Interests: drums, volleyball, eating cereal
Star sign: Aries (i don′t even believe in them lol)
Quote: for there is nothing ever good or bad, but thinking makes it so
         - William Shakespear


Available for either business or eating cereal, not available for boring stuff
Go ahead and message me, i might leave you on read

Email: Niklas Jodoin
Facebbook: Niklas Jodoin
Instagram: nijokldoasin


I'm honored to play the drums in a band called the psychrolutes
We try our best to supply you with the finest indie psychedelic rock music.

Go check out our Instagram
Or come visit our official Website

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